"Since 1956" 60th Anniversary

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Range G construction is underway and moving well.
Ranges A B C have the berms resurfaced.

The month of May - the 7th  brings new members we welcome. 14th is a cool swap meet while we still can. 21st is a Service Rifle Match. May has it going on in our 60th anniversary year.

There have been some maintenance needs that have required some range closures.  The baffles are aging and require rework. You patience requested. Range A 25 yard section is off limits for a time and Range A in total will be down while construction is actively in progress. ONe baffle section is totally out and being replaced by steel plate.

Parker County Sportsman Club -
with Freedom comes Responsibility !

Range Construction - maintenance
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New members interested in joining the club ?

Contact concierge at 817 694 9817.

See Repository Page for documents, schedules, calendar.

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The Club does still authorize a CHL / LTC class on our premises. Contact 817 991 8085 for details.

Freedom with Responsibility

Spring Turkey in Stephens County, Texas