Range G (Reactive Steel Plates) is open. Orientation classes for existing members held on third Sunday at 2 PM.

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and call our PR line at 817 694 9817

See Repository Page for necessary schedules, calendar and rules documentation in PDF format.​

The Club does authorize a LTC class.
Contact 817 991 8085 for details.


Current FAQS:
​1. What to do with unfired, old, dud, 22 caliber or other ammunition ?
Your ammo does not belong to PCSC.  YOU are responsible for YOUR ammunition.

DO NOT leave any ammunition of any kind on PCSC property.

Disposal is your responsibility.

We do have brass buckets for fired / empty cartridge cases including .22 caliber.

2. Keys to automated trap and skeet require orientation on 1st Saturday of the month after the New Member Orientation. About 11AM-12PM.

3. Be aware of rule updates posted here on the website "Repository" page and those updates posted in the sign in hut. This particularly for Range G that is new and subject to revision as we all learn to safely operate this new range and equipment.

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